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Announcing green hosting using 100% renewable power

Media72 have always been committed to being environmentally responsible, we were one of the first companies in the UK to use a fully carbon neutral data centre. In the last few months we have taken our responsibilities one step further and are very excited to announce we have moved all of our servers to a completely new green data centre. What exactly is a green data centre? Well, 100% of our electricity now comes from renewable sources such as wind, landfill gas and biomass, not a single piece of coal or natural gas is used to provide the power to our data centre.

Surely being so green is going to cost more? Well no, we’re keeping our prices exactly the same. We believe that the environment is important, as data centres are set to become one of the larger consumers of power it’s essential that we try to be as environmentally responsible as we can.

The good news for all of our existing customers is that your websites have been using 100% renewable power for the last 3 months! If you’d like to make the switch to a host who not only cares about it’s customers but also the environment take a look at our range of shared hosting, ruby on rails hosting, or reseller hosting packages.

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