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5 reasons why Media72 backups are awesome

Backing up your website data is extremely important and at Media72 we take data security very seriously. There are many causes of data loss, files can be accidentally deleted, a software crash could corrupt a file, or any number of other reasons. Nobody wants the worst to happen but if it does you need to know you can restore your data quickly and easily. At Media72 we use R1Soft’s excellent full server backup system. Here are 5 reasons why we think our backup system is awesome:

  1. We backup all files and data every single hour, thats 24 backup’s every day.
  2. Our backups are located in a different data centre to our servers so even in the unlikely event our data centre is completely destroyed you’ll still be able to access your data.
  3. Backups can be easily restored by our customers using our backup restore system right from the control panel.
  4. We keep our backups for 14 days, thats 336 recovery points you can choose from.
  5. Choose to restore individual files, your entire account, or even restore files to a different location so you can compare older files with newer ones.

If you’d like to know more about our backup system or want to have your website protected by one of the best systems in the industry please contact our sales team

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