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5 fantastic SEO video resources

Today we are looking at SEO and have put together a great collection of video resources to get you started on the road to SEO mastery.

1. First off we have “An introduction to SEO”, a great video from Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz. If you’re new to SEO this is an ideal video to get you started and includes heaps of good advice.

2. Next up we have “SEO Tips From Google Engineer Matt Cutts”. A fatastic collection of tips from Google engineer Matt Cutts on how to get your sites ranking higher in search results.

3. “How important is it to have keywords in a domain name?”. This video is useful if you’re looking to buy a new domain but can’t figure out if you want one that contains lots of keywords or a more memorable, brand-able domain name.

4. “An SEO Checklist for New Sites”. If you’re setting up a new website this is a must watch video to find out how to start marketing your website.

5. And finally “Can coding errors affect how a page is indexed?”, ever wondered if poor quality code can hurt your search ranking? Find out in this video from Google.

Hosting your website in the same location as your target market can have a positive impact on your page rank for users in that country. Thats why Media72’s servers are all located in the UK, not only does this mean your pages will load and respond faster to visitors from or near the UK but if you don’t have a .uk domain it will show google that your website is based in the UK. Take a look at our range of UK based hosting plans.

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