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Media72 Mail Guard

How long do you spend dealing with junk email? Imagine how much extra time you would have to read the emails you are interested in if you could virtually eliminate junk emails.

“I was spending hours each week trying to sort out the junk emails from the ones I actually wanted to read. Media72 mail guard eliminated virtually all junk email instantly. I now spend no time at all manually filtering out junk email, I can't imagine ever going back.” Aaron Harris - Eastern Sunz

Our brand new Mail Guard system automatically scans every single incoming and outgoing email for spam, viruses and phishing scams (fraudulent attempts to gain sensitive information such as passwords and credit card numbers) to keep your inbox a safer, cleaner, happier place. Media72 Mail Guard will automatically learn from the emails it inspects and is extremely simple to use. If you want greater control Media72 mail guard lets you define spam-filter settings individually for each domain on your account.

Media72 Mail Guard Features

Key features of Media72 mail guard included free with every hosting package:

Have you ever sent a virus to one of your clients without knowing?

Sending a virus to a client could have disastrous effects for your company, with Media72 Mail Guard all outgoing emails are scanned for viruses so you don't have to worry about unknowingly sending a virus to anyone again.

Ever had a spammer send out email through a contact form on your website?

This is at least very annoying having someone sending emails looking like it comes from you. At worst you could have someone advertising Viagra (or worse) from your email account. Media72 Mail Guard blocks email header injection, the sending of email through contact forms, before it can become a problem.

Don't let anyone grab your password

The final element in the Media72 Mail Guard system is secure email connections. Did you know that your username and password are sent unencrypted across the internet with most email accounts. You wouldn't shout your password out while walking down the street. With Mail Guard secure connections your username and password are encrypted so no one can intercept them, just like logging into a secure website.





  • 1000mb disk space
  • 25gb monthly transfer
  • 10 Domain Names
  • 4 MySQL Database
  • PHP 5
  • 70 Email Accounts


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rails advanced

  • 1000mb disk space
  • 20gb monthly transfer
  • 6 Rails applications
  • 6 MySQL Database
  • Ruby on Rails
  • SSH Access


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