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Our Environmental Story

Running any business will pollute or tax the planet in some way. It's a sad but unavoidable truth. It doesn't have to be all doom and gloom though, there are many things we can do as individuals and businesses to lessen our impact on the environment.

At Media72 we've been keen to reduce our impact on the planet from a very early stage. It's not always been an easy path, sometimes it's been too costly to be as green as we would like, sometimes technology has held us back, other times our own lack of knowledge has been the problem. The important thing, we feel, is that we have always tried to reduce our environmental impact whenever possible.

With website hosting and data centers set to become one of the major consumers of power in the next few years it got us thinking about where our power comes from. Traditionally the electricity data centers consume comes from the burning of coal, oil, and gas. As we all know this causes unwanted pollution and damage to the environment. We wanted to see if we could find an alternative that was more sustainable and environmentally responsible.

First we looked at carbon offsetting, or becoming carbon neutral. At the time carbon neutral companies weren't as common as they are now but this didn't stop us finding partners to work with. In early 2008 we chose a carbon neutral data center in the UK to work with and have been running our servers from the data center ever since. This is the route that many other businesses have taken, pollution is produced but the carbon created is offset by purchasing carbon credits. At the time we felt like we were doing our bit to be more environmentally responsible, however after a time more environmentally friendly options became available and carbon offsetting didn't feel right for us any more. On the one hand we were still causing as much pollution as we ever had, yet it was made more acceptable because we were doing a bit of good somewhere else on the planet to offset the damage. The search for a better solution started...

In late 2010 the search for a data center that would suit our needs began, it had to be modern and power efficient, but most importantly it had to be able to support 100% renewable power. We are known for our top quality hosting, virtually zero downtime and extremely reliable network. One thing we aren't willing to compromise on is our service levels and we certainly didn't want to pass on any cost increases to our customers.

We searched for many months and looked a number of different solutions, it was proving difficult to fulfill all of our criteria. Initially we had contacted our existing data center asking if it would be possible to provide us with renewable power, unfortunately this was not an option at the time. In a final attempt to persuade our data center to go greener we contacted them again and to our surprise found they were just starting to build a brand new data center and were considering powering the entire thing using 100% renewable energy, not only that but it would be state of the art in terms of power consumption and environmental standards.

What a stroke of luck! we could use the same data center we have built up a relationship with over the last 4 years and switch to renewable power without compromising on any of our high standards. In mid 2011 the new data center was ready and we moved all of our servers to the new facility.

We're happy to say that we are one of the few hosting companies in the UK who use 100% renewable power in our data centre as well as our office. If you'd like to run your website on 100% renewable power simply choose one of our hosting packages that best suits your needs.


  • 1000mb disk space
  • 25gb monthly transfer
  • 10 Domain Names
  • 4 MySQL Database
  • PHP 5
  • 70 Email Accounts


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rails advanced

  • 1000mb disk space
  • 20gb monthly transfer
  • 6 Rails applications
  • 6 MySQL Database
  • Ruby on Rails
  • SSH Access


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